Services Offered

Water Rights Planning & Management

M&M Natural Resource Management has the experience and expertise necessary to help you plan and manager your water needs now and in the future. With the knowledge gained from overseeing and regulating all water rights permits for the State (Oklahoma Water Resources Board), M&M brings an understanding to water rights that many others can't. Add to that the addition resources that M&M can bring through working relationships with some of the top water law experts, engineers, well drillers, planners, and environment experts in the state. All this adds up to the ability to provide you with the best partner possible for your water management needs including but not limited:

  • Water use planning
  • Water rights permit management
  • Groundwater & Stream Water permitting
  • Watershed planning and management
  • Water rights training
  • Full evaluation of your water rights 

Pit Water Management

All mining operations operating over the Arbuckle Simpson Groundwater Basin are subject to special rules related to the dewatering and use of groundwater, aka Pit Water. As the former regulator related to Pit Water Compliance for the OWRB, M&M can provide a prospective to these rules that others can't.

From assisting with quarterly and annual reporting, to management plan creation, to groundwater permitting M&M can help you become and stay compliant with the special Pit Water rules.

Storm Water Quality

As a former Storm Water Quality Inspector, M&M can help you stay compliance with local and state storm water quality regulations. We provide several storm water quality related services such as:

  • Storm Water Quality Pollution & Prevention Plans (SWP3s)
  • Construction Site Inspection
  • Storm Water Quality Permitting
  • Overall Construction Site Storm Water Management & Planning

Legal Witness and Research

As a regulator in Water Rights for the State (OWRB) M&M can provide the expertise and knowledge related to Water Rights that is sometimes needed in legal situations. In addition M&M can assist in any water rights research that you may need. From simple permit research to an in-depth history of a water rights related topic, M&M has the knowledge and resources to assist you with any project.

Other Services

In addition to those listed above, M&M can provide with the additional services listed below as well as many others. However if you are in need of something not listed, feel free to contact us. Even if we can assist you, we will use our working relationships and contacts to put you in contact with the best person for your needs.

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Water & Wastewater Testing
  • Watershed Modeling
  • GIS Work
  • General Environmental Work